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Company Background
Founded in 1990, Think Training's team of top management and sales professionals are committed to helping clients tap their employees' full performance potential. We specialize in understanding each client's specific business needs in detail and then providing practical, relevant training and consulting solutions designed specifically to address those needs.

Think Training's founders, employees and associates have extensive hands-on experience as senior sales executives and managers at major corporations. The members of our development and instructor teams each have over 25 years experience designing, developing and delivering successful training seminars for staff at all levels, from entry level to CEO. Our administrative support and customer service team is simply the best in the business, totally dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of seminar planning, pre-work administration, materials development and program delivery goes smoothly.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as emerging high technology firms whose loyalty to us stems from our commitment to helping them reach their strategic goals.

We develop unique, custom programs to fit almost any training need. In addition, we offer a full spectrum of experience-tested programs that we can tailor to address the training needs of your employees in management, sales, and professional staff positions at all levels.

A few of the experience-tested programs we offer include:

Management Training
  • Managing At Your Peak™
       - Sales Managers
       - Managers
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Leadership With Distinction™
Sales Training
  • Sales With Distinction™ (Basic)
  • Selling To Business Needs™ (Advanced)
  • Building Customer Partnerships™ (Tactical Planning)
  • Negotiating Value™
  • Set To Sell™ (Product/Industry Training)
Professional Staff Training
  • Teams With Distinction™
       - Team Members
       - Team Leaders
  • Enhancing Client Relationships™
       - For IT Organizations
       - For Customer Service Departments
  • Building Customer Satisfaction™
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Advancing Your Strategic Objectives Through Training
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