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Why Diagnostics?

Most employees, regardless of their level in the organization, would be eager to make changes to enhance their effectiveness with others...if only they knew what changes to make. But it's hard to get a true and complete picture of how others perceive us. Given the pace of business life, it's difficult to find time to ask. And even if they had the time, many employees find it hard to discuss potentially sensitive performance issues candidly.

Think Training's battery of diagnostic Distinctions™ surveys offers a convenient, comprehensive and highly accurate way around the obstacles to getting honest, useful feedback from those who count. Each survey instrument collects a wealth of information to assess an employee's interactions with the people he/she needs to work with most. Survey questions get at the aspects of performance — from overall approach to detailed behaviors that most distinguish high-performing employees from the rest. The information gathered can be used to help individual employees identify and implement the changes that will have the greatest immediate payoff for them. In composite form, the information can also be used to assess the competencies and training needs of a group of employees as a whole.

Confidential Information

All survey information is confidential, so respondents can be completely honest. Those who answer a survey put only the name of the person they're evaluating on the survey form (not their own) and send it directly to Think Training. We score and analyze the results for each individual and provide composite data on the entire population being studied.


All standard Distinctions™ survey instruments can be adapted or tailored to fit a client's specific needs and environment. Indeed, we highly recommend that you review each selected survey instrument with us to eliminate questions which may not apply, add questions which might be especially useful and make minor changes in wording or terminology that will help respondents understand the precise meaning of the question in your environment. We will also work with you to determine how survey feedback should be tracked and analyzed. For instance, your salespeople may want separate analyses of feedback from large accounts and small accounts... or managers may want feedback from reports by work group.

Often the tailoring required to provide the information your employees most need is minor and can be accomplished at no additional charge. And if you have unique needs, we will develop custom survey instruments for surprisingly low cost.

Feedback Sessions

Think Training offers feedback sessions designed to guide employees through analysis and interpretation of the survey data they receive. These sessions can be stand-alone or part of a larger training program. When used in the context of a comprehensive program, they are usually the highlight of the training because they help each employee:
  • compare his/her self-assessment with the actual assessments of their direct reports, team members or customers;

  • identify his/her most important strengths and improvement opportunities, as viewed by the people whose assessment most directly affects results; and,

  • develop specific action plans for capitalizing on improvement opportunities with the help of peers in the class and the instructor.
Whether it's led by one of our instructors or a member of your staff, by the end of a feedback session, each participant will have a detailed plan of action for implementing specific changes in his or her performance.

Survey Administration

The Distinctions™ survey can be administered electronically via the internet or by hard copy utilizing mail or facsimile.

Cover letters on each survey give precise instructions to survey respondents for completing the survey and returning it to Think Training.

Our staff keeps track of the number of surveys actually received for each participant and compares it with the number anticipated. When the number received is less than expected, we will contact the participant and ask him/her to follow up with respondents.

Once the data have been collected, we score the surveys received for all participants and prepare reports that show the results in clear, attractive graphical form.

Building an accurate understanding of how those we work with assess our performance is the vital first step toward significant, self-directed change. That's why the Distinctions™ surveys are invaluable tools for setting people in your organization on the path toward increased effectiveness on the job.
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