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Survey Reports

Survey Reports
We offer a number of standard reports designed to help you and your employees interpret their individual and composite survey feedback data. If you have specific needs, we can develop custom reports as well.

Our standard reports include:

Individual Reports For People Receiving Data

Individual Top Ten/Bottom Ten - A report that shows the ten highest scoring questions and the ten lowest scoring questions from each participant's survey results. This report is designed to help participants focus on those skills that represent their greatest strengths and the areas where they need to improve.

Response Analysis - A report that shows a participant's self-assessment and all results for the entire survey. Results are shown by group surveyed (e.g., customers, team members, direct reports) for easy comparison.

Composite Reports for Training Managers, Line Managers and Executives

Group Top Ten/Bottom Ten - A report that shows the ten highest scoring questions and the ten lowest scoring questions for the whole group being analyzed. The group could be an individual class, a department or an entire company. The results are used to identify overall strengths and improvement opportunities.

Quartile Split - A summary report that can be used when twenty or more people have received survey data. For any given question, this report takes the 25% of the people who scored the highest and puts them in one group, and the 25% who scored the lowest and puts them in another. The print out shows, on a question-by-question basis, what the average score was for the top group for all the people surveyed, and for the bottom group. The report also shows the numerical difference between the average score for the top and bottom group, by question.

Top Ten/Bottom Ten Differences - A summary report that shows the ten highest differences and the ten lowest differences from the Quartile Split listed above.

This report provides two major indices of training need and overall organizational health. First, the large differences (.75 or higher) tend to be those areas that most differentiate effective and ineffective performance. Second, the low differences tend to show corporate culture, or areas where all employees either are strong or all need to improve.

Optional Reports

Year-to-Year Comparison - A report that compares a group's results before and after training, allowing for easy measurement of the training's impact.

Group Comparisons - Data can be assembled to compare different groups on a question-by-question basis. The groups could be types of customers, divisions, regions, etc.
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