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Experience-Tested Programs
When the employees you want to train face challenges similar to those we've successfully helped another client handle, we will most often recommend a standard or tailored version of one of our many "experience-tested" programs.

Think Training offers a comprehensive selection of such programs each of which covers core skills needed by employees at specific levels and specific industries in each of three major functional areas: management training, sales training, and professional staff training.

Each experience-tested program in our library originally was custom-designed on a joint-venture basis to meet the needs of a specific Think Training client. The skills and conceptual tools covered and all the examples, exercises, video case studies, and other resources are based on actual situations and experiences in that client's environment — and precisely targeted to fit that client's needs.

However, because these programs address skills or concepts that are relevant for a wider training audience, we developed them without using client names or identifying information. Result? By agreement with the original clients, we can make these programs available to other clients as well. This gives you immediate, low-cost access to a wide range of programs and training resources that have proven effective for thousands of employees in many other companies similar to yours.

You can purchase any of our experience-tested programs "as-is" using the original company's custom case situations to promote dialogue and learning for your employees... Or, you can choose to retain the design of the original program but have us tailor some or all of the case examples to your environment. Either way, you end up with a proven solution that can be implemented immediately.

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Experience-Tested Programs
  • Management Training
  • Sales Training
  • Professional Staff Training
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