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Custom Follow-Up and Reinforcement

Once they've trained their employees, many clients find that, while they don't want another comprehensive training program, employees need brief refresher or review sessions to reinforce their new skills and find ways to apply them successfully as conditions change. Because we believe that training is most effective when it becomes an integral, daily part of each employee's daily work life, we work hard to put you and managers or trainers in your organization in a position to build "training" into their normal routine.

One way we do this is by equipping you with custom, stand-alone case studies, exercises and diagnostic instruments for use either in sessions led by our instructors, or in your regular staff or sales meetings. We can develop superior case studies (video-based or print), role play exercises, review sessions, laminated cards, on-line tools and/or job aids of all descriptions to help your facilitators lead effective, on-going training activities.
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