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Custom Designed or "Experience-Tested?"

When looking for training or consulting support, many clients begin with a strong bias toward a custom solution; others lean toward an "experience-tested" solution that another client already has found effective. Which way is the best for you? Generally, you will need a one-of-a-kind, custom solution if the challenge you face involves information or skills that are unique to your company (e.g., product sales training or implementation of a new corporate policy, procedure, or initiative). Otherwise, chances are you can do better with a program that another client has already tested and found successful.

But many factors — including your employees' attitudes toward the company and to previous training, the size of your training audience, your training budget, the amount of time you can afford to take employees out of the field for training should be taken into account.

Positioned to Help You Choose the Right Solution

Think Training is ideally positioned to help you choose the right solution for your company because we have both: the capacity to design and build custom solutions that are precisely targeted to meet the needs of your employees... AND... a wide range of experience-tested programs that have worked in companies facing challenges similar to yours.

So... custom solution or experience-tested? We can help you approach the question without bias. When it comes to training, our first priority is the same as yours: equipping your employees with the skills and approaches they need in order to advance and implement your corporate strategy and objectives.

When you engage Think Training, our first step will be to pinpoint the specific areas in which your employees need a new approach and/or skills in order to implement your strategy successfully. Next, we'll study your top performers those select individuals who already are doing the job you need them to do to see what they're doing that makes them better than the rest, and how they're doing it. Then, and only then, we'll recommend a training or consulting solution precisely targeted to meet your needs.

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