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Individualized Consulting Services

Instead of training a large group of employees, you may want help for just one key manager whose department is under-performing, or for a strategically vital team who haven't been working together effectively, or for a single sales account executive who needs guidance and support to tackle a key account.

We offer a range of individualized consulting services designed specifically to help you meet just such needs. Like a personal trainer in the local gym, our consultant-instructors are prepared to serve as personal coaches for individual employees, managers and teams anywhere in your organization. The specific nature of these services is, of necessity, custom designed on a case-by-case basis. But they fall into two general areas:

One-On-One Survey Analysis and Planning

Either in the context of a training program or as a stand-alone effort, one of our consultant/instructors will meet privately with any employee you designate to review and analyze his/her diagnostic survey results and to help the employee address issues or opportunities identified by the data. This one-on-one session may be a one-time event, or the start of a periodic coaching relationship designed to track your employee's progress and ensure that he/she adjusts as conditions change to implement his/her plan successfully.

Performance Coaching

Traditionally, performance coaching has been the responsibility of managers. But given the larger spans of control and increasing numbers of remote employees often found in today's organizations, many managers simply can't provide the sort of support and guidance they'd like. Our consultant/instructors can help to fill the gap by working as one-on-one performance coaches to help key employees at any level and in any functional area of your organization successfully address the most difficult challenges they face. Functioning as a cross between personal advisor (sounding board) and coach, we have helped our clients' senior executives, sales representatives and professional staff — not to mention those responsible for training achieve undreamed of increases in performance.
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