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Sales Training

A Supreme Challenge

Today's sales environment places sales representatives between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, more than ever before, many customers need trustworthy outside information and advice to help them evaluate their options and reach effective decisions. On the other hand, customers have less time and are more skeptical and exacting. As a result, it often seems that the more customers need outside assistance the more suspicious and resistant they get when someone offers to help. What's a salesperson to do?

Unfortunately, many salespeople never find a solution to this paradox. But your representatives can resolve the contradictions, gain customers' confidence and produce outstanding results... provided they know how to:
  • develop and demonstrate an in-depth understanding of their customer's business;
  • prove that they're committed to helping customers solve long-term business and strategic challenges; and,
  • establish effective relationships with multiple contacts in each customer organization... relationships strong enough to withstand constant competitive assaults and resilient enough to survive rapid changes in customer personnel.
Sales representatives who master these skills can position themselves and your company as a customer's primary vendor, business consultant, and/or strategic partner, creating unprecedented opportunities for mutual profit.

A Family of Programs for Every Stage in a Sales Representative's Career

Think Training's family of sales training programs is designed to help your sales representatives learn to build successful long-term relationships with customers and reliably translate those relationships into concrete sales opportunities.

We base our sales programs on research with the most effective salespeople in your industry and a wide range of similar industries. After documenting how these top-performers actually build durable, effective sales relationships, we design training exercises that let your representatives explore, critique and follow detailed roadmaps provided by the real-life experiences of their most successful peers. Your representatives will be ready to put what they've learned into practice both in the classroom and immediately upon their return to the job.

In addition to custom programs designed just for you, we offer a variety of customer-tested programs that meet the needs of sales representatives with different levels of experience selling in many different markets. All our programs share design features and modular components that have been proven to give participants an edge over their competition. As a result, our programs can help your representatives at each stage of their careers, and you can be confident that lessons they learn in one program will be carried over and expanded upon in the next.

If you've already invested in training designed to help your salespeople use your own or another vendor's skill set, models or concepts, you'll be doubly interested in our sales programs. Long experience has taught us that effective follow-through persistent reminders, refreshers and reinforcement is the key to sustained improvements in performance. Our design philosophy based on actual case studies of top-performers in action makes it easy to build upon and reinforce any skills, models or concepts you wish to use.

Experienced-Tested Programs for Sales Professionals

Sales With Distinction™
- A comprehensive skills-based program for new sales representatives that has yielded success for clients in industries as diverse as automotive, media, computer, biotech, insurance and consumer goods.

Selling To Business Needs™ - A state-of-the-art consultative selling skills course that teaches salespeople how to help customers recognize and embrace the value of your solutions to their business or strategic challenges. The course can be modified to meet the needs of sales representatives at any experience level.

Building Customer Partnerships™ - A course that helps sales representatives react quickly to emerging marketplace trends, competitive challenges, and/or changes within a customer organization to ensure that your company retains its competitive edge.

Teaming With The Customer™ - A course that assists your sales representatives - or entire sales teams to plan and successfully implement a broad set of mutual understandings with key customers ("terms of engagement"). Participants emerge from this course with ambitious plans for growing their business with key accounts. They also define and negotiate specific service levels with those accounts.

Set To Sell™ - A revolutionary approach to product training that ensures your salespeople (1) understand what's on the minds of decision-makers in each vertical market, and (2) know how to help customers apply your offerings to meet their business needs. Each custom module of Set To Sell™ integrates seamlessly with your existing product information and training systems and can be taught by your managers or staff. Modules combine state-of-the-art techniques for on-line and self-study training with customer-oriented classroom application, so they can help you streamline and maximize the impact of - precious classroom time.

Negotiating Value™
- A dynamic program that helps salespeople focus on the preparation and strategy needed to negotiate agreements that ensure both parties your company and your customers get full value from the relationship.
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