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Video Samples

Think Training uses different kinds of video to support a wide range of learning experiences both in the classroom and in web-based self-study programs (see Custom Video). The samples here demonstrate a variety of ways in which our video materials provide the realism, structure, content and excitement needed to motivate and teach your employees:

Re-Enacted Case Studies

Each "volume" in Think Training's library of video case studies is a thoroughly researched, professionally acted and realistic re-enactment of an actual workplace situation. All were chosen because they provide vivid, complete examples of high-performers - managers, salespeople, customer service staff or individual contributors - handling especially challenging situations.

We have case studies that feature:

  • managers addressing performance issues with difficult employees;
  • account executives working with challenging customers;
  • teammates struggling to resolve crucial professional conflicts; and,
  • customer service staff dealing with angry, dissatisfied customers.
In classroom sessions, we use these case studies to achieve a wide range of training objectives, including to:
  • convince students that they need a new model or skills;
  • introduce a new conceptual model or skills; and,
  • provide situations that students can practice through role play.
Clients can use one of our existing case studies…OR engage us to research and develop a custom case study drawn from their own environment.

Click the button below to see a key scene from a case study used to teach conflict management skills for team members.

Background Information for the Sample

The Characters:

Peter Geyer, Consulting Services Representative
Leslie Visco, Marketing Systems Engineer
The Situation:
At Peter Geyer's request, Leslie Visco met with their team's stockbroker client to discuss the client's network of desktop UNIX terminals. When the client asked a number of difficult technical questions, Visco promised to respond in writing within two days. But when Geyer reviewed the letter Visco drafted, he was concerned that its length and contents could damage the team's sales relationship with the client. This scene - used to set up the need for conflict management skills - shows the end of the heated argument over the letter between Geyer and Visco.

Conflict Management Skills:
Heated argument between Geyer and Visco

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Individual Employee and Colleague Interview — Are They With You?

Click on the buttons below to see two video clips that demonstrate how we use extracts of re-enacted, on-camera interviews with individual employees to generate discussion in the classroom.

Each of the two video segments here gives participants a firsthand look at the world as seen through the eyes of a different customer service staff person. Though the two service representatives shown have comparable jobs working for the same company and (at least on paper) perform to the same standard, they are profoundly different in outlook, personality and attitudes toward their company, customers and supervisor.

We use these interviews to help students explore the factors that really determine how much time and effort it will take to manage an employee effectively, and to give them practice in identifying the performance issues to discuss with an employee.

One of the two employees shown is much easier to manage than the other. See if you can tell which is the one! In a class, students would watch both of these interviews. Then, working in table groups, they would analyze the performance and management issues at stake with each employee and begin plans for coaching each one.

Two Customer Service Representatives
Performing At 90% of Standard

(Please View Employee #1 First)

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