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Custom Video

With hundreds of hours of top-quality video productions under their belts, our team can produce a wide range of one-of-a-kind, custom video materials for you, materials that will outclass anything you've seen before. Whether you're looking for classroom-based or self-study training, our video materials can provide the realism, structure, content and excitement needed to motivate and teach your employees.

Re-Enacted Case Studies

Using professional actors and scrupulously realistic scripts, we re-enact real world situations drawn from your environment. These intensely dramatic case studies show "un-sanitized," actual examples of top performers in action as they handle their toughest challenges. You can use these case studies in several ways: to provoke discussion, as the springboard for role play practice, or simply to offer vivid, realistic examples of effective skills in action.

Individual Employee and Colleague Interviews

Extracts of revealing interviews with individual employees are re-enacted on-camera and specially arranged on tape to give your students an instant, intimate look at the world through each employee's eyes. These interviews are used in management and team programs as the basis for developing preliminary plans for using the skills covered in training to work with a range of employees and colleagues. They can also be used in sales programs to help students develop insight into different customer profiles.

Customer and Organization Interviews

Our cameras focus on several different people within a single customer organization, to give students behind-the-scene insights into the varying ideas, perspectives, needs and goals of key decision-influencers. "Meeting" several people in this way helps your students learn to develop and then implement far more effective and ambitious strategies for working with customers, employees or colleagues.

Special Presentations

We use professional narration (alone or in combination with your own in-house presenters), high-impact graphics and our unique program design concepts to help hold your employees' attention, convey complex ideas/information powerfully, and encourage effective action. Many clients have told us that our assistance in this area has been crucial to the success of high-risk, sometimes mission-critical strategic initiatives because our approach helped to convert employee resistance into enthusiastic implementation.
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