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Selected Challenges
Since 1990, we've specialized in custom sales, management and professional staff training programs for clients who are on the cutting edge of their industries. To stay ahead of the pack, our clients need to pursue innovative business strategies that often can't be implemented successfully unless employees first embrace the company's initiatives and then develop or enhance their knowledge and skills.

Our programs are successful because they help employees tackle precisely the knowledge and skills they need in their environment. But while our programs are custom-designed for each new client, we frequently are able to adapt programs we've developed for one client to help others who face similar challenges. For instance, if your company is dealing with any of the strategic challenges listed below, chances are we can offer you an existing solution from our training library that has all the advantages of a custom solution, but with the speed and lower cost of a standard program.

And if your company faces challenges unlike those confronting any other company, we can develop a uniquely effective, custom training solution designed exclusively for you.

Selected Sales Challenges
  • Selling radically new products or services (e.g., products that are based on new technologies, have significantly higher prices, must be sold to different buying points within an account, etc.);
  • Building stable, growing and value-oriented business relationships with strategic customers;
  • Moving from a transaction-based to a solution- or value-based sales process;
  • Building a unified sales force comprised of representatives from recently merged divisions or companies;
  • Helping account executives accustomed to selling on their own become leaders of effective sales teams; and,
  • Gathering and analyzing complex information about your customers and their customers' business and strategic problems.
Selected Management Challenges
  • Getting sales managers to multiply potential by managing instead of acting as "super closers;"
  • Reducing corporate exposure to personnel grievances and lawsuits;
  • Reducing vulnerability to business cycles by promoting more effective management; and,
  • Helping key divisions, departments or individual managers achieve dramatic turnarounds in performance.
Selected Professional Staff Challenges
  • Helping individual contributors succeed as team members in a matrixed environment;
  • Promoting effective communications across department lines;
  • Building effective working relationships in a fast-paced, high-tech environment;
  • Enhancing employees' creativity and willingness to take desirable risks; and,
  • Helping customer service staff keep angry customers satisfied... without giving them more than they're owed.
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