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What Our Clients Say
"Think Training truly partners with us. They look at things from our side and work with us to accomplish our organization's objectives and make us look good. They are our training partner."

"The best training vendor we deal with. I come out a hero because their programs are so effective. And their customer service team is outstanding. I never have to worry about arrangements or deadlines on their end."

"Think Training develops powerful, customized training programs at off-the-shelf prices. Their content is the best in the industry. But their most important strength is their willingness to listen to my needs and work with me as an equal partner. I've really enjoyed every step of the process."

Think Training began by asking what we wanted to achieve and then worked backward from our definition of the goals to ensure that all our needs were met."

"Think Training's consultants are champions at listening. In addition, Think Training provides business consultants to work in the classroom as facilitators. Therefore, the repertoire of the consultant/facilitator is far broader than just a training perspective: they understand the industry and the job of selling."

"Think Training's consultants began the design process by asking the question: 'What do you want to achieve in the module?' They then worked backward to ensure that all our needs were met. And, even after completing the program, they never looked at it as a 'finished product.' They kept looking for ways to improve the program as our needs evolved."

"TTI's significant advantage is it's ability to tailor products and design and deliver products in such a way as to always keep the products updated and meaningful."

"Think Training's developers do a tremendous amount of consulting in order to design and position their programs effectively."

"Think Training played a key role in helping us implement a strategic management culture across the organization. We asked them to integrate their concepts and materials with our ongoing initiatives. Their involvement led to a dynamic overall program that was credited by management as the pivotal point in our cultural change. We especially appreciated their flexibility in building and implementing a successful partnership."

"The realism and drama of Think Training's video case materials are unsurpassed. They've worked with us for years, constantly updating and modifying existing programs-and developing new ones-to support our evolving training needs."

"Our senior salespeople were a deeply skeptical group, but Think Training won them over with a sophisticated program that put them in the driver's seat for their own training."

"Think Training's development team and instructors are business consultants first, not just trainers. Because they have real world management and sales experience themselves, they approach our needs with a refreshingly broad and practical perspective."

"The Survey data was the best part of the seminar... It's great information that I can use to enhance my performance...."
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