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Thanks for taking the time to look at our website. All of us at Think Training enjoy helping clients address their strategic challenges through training. We really care about making a positive difference for our customers, and we appreciate your interest.

Advancing Your Strategic Agenda

At Think Training, we start every project by taking a fresh look at your strategic objectives: what do you want to achieve business-wise? Based on your answers to this question, we help you determine whether training can help overcome the obstacles you face. If the answer is yes, we'll build a training program designed as an integral part of your corporate strategy. Then, we'll work with your top executives to help them maximize the impact of the training.

The Training Your Organization Needs

Choose one of our experience-tested programs each custom-developed for a client who has faced challenges that may be similar to yours or engage us to design an entirely new program uniquely suited to your company. Either way, you'll get better results — and generally spend a lot less than you would with generic, off-the-shelf materials. Using the detailed, comprehensive and confidential feedback provided by our diagnostic instruments, we can help you pinpoint the skills that your employees need most. And, after delivering training that targets those skills head-on, you'll be able to use the same instruments to measure the results.

Designed and Delivered by Professionals

Think Training's team of top development consultants, course instructors and training administrators all have extensive experience with delivering mission-critical training in a wide range of industries. And each member of the instructional team has held responsible positions in management and sales at Fortune 500 companies... so we have credibility with students.

Rapid, Agile Response

Because of our total customer focus, low overhead, and world-class development and delivery teams, we can respond swiftly to your unique training requirements, while ensuring results you can measure and a maximum return on your training investment.

A Solid Return On Investment

Our custom programs generally cost LESS than off-the-shelf offerings... and they're far more effective. We recognize that strategic training represents a substantial investment. We won't recommend a solution to you unless we can show you that the return on your investment will outweigh the cost of building and delivering the training.

Results You Can Measure

When properly supported by your management team, Think Training's programs produce tangible results in terms of improved performance. Using our diagnostic survey instruments, you'll be able to track and measure precise changes in individual and company-wide effectiveness.

Continuous Updating

In today's fast-changing business environment, success with a training program this week is no guarantee of equal success with the identical program next week. The situations in which your employees apply what they learn are constantly in flux. Because we design training to enhance your top performers' effectiveness at the cutting edge of your business, every time your strategic situation changes, your training must keep pace. For this reason, we constantly review your program and revise it in light of students' experiences and your evolving challenges.
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Advancing Your Strategic Objectives Through Training
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